Reflective Entry 1: Pre-transitions into the Teaching Profession

June 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

At the conclusion of EDFD472 Transition into the Profession course, I am proud to express my eagerness, motivation and fears of teaching fulltime next term. Listening to our many guest speakers over the intensive 5 day course was beyond insightful to the professional teaching environments as it not only depicted what it would be like in the classroom, but as well as in the staff room and community as a whole. The one message that really stuck to me had come from Michael Addicoat, to stay away from whingers and never ever let another teacher stop you from being innovative, motivated and creative with your teaching strategies. Although we are to soak in our collegue teacher’s advice, it does not mean that we cannot experiment with our teaching strategies.

In relation to Michael Addicoat’s advice, it is within my primary interest to know and understand how my students learn before any form of pedagogical experiments begin. This is in direct line with element2 of the NSW IOT Teaching Standards to demonstrate knowledge and strategies that apply effective teaching for all learners. I hope to achieve this element on my practicum, as it is one of the central reasons I chose to be a teacher – to excite students about subject content, learning and life in general.

Upon achieving or attempting to achieve student engagement, I must be fully prepared to help extend my student’s skills and knowledge beyond their own expectations. The secret in achieving helping my students achieve is through element3: ‘planning, assessing and reporting for effective learning’. As much as I am very student centred with my pedagogies, I acknowledge the need to transform my visions into a long term goals in order to continually challenge my students. Repeating the cycle of plan, assess and report is a simple three step process that considers not only what I am going to do, but also the effectivness of what I have done to help my students progress.



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