Evidencing element 3: Teachers Plan, Assess and Report for Effective Learning

September 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Targeted standard 3.1.7 – Give helpful timely oral and written feedback to students

Upon preparing my Year 10 English class for an in class exam essay, I allowed 20minutes of every lesson for my students to prepare for their exam whilst I sit with individual students for a strict 7minutes. My lesson plans indicated this allocated time for individual students and it really got me to see the common traps my students fell into. This helped my preparations for class, ensuring that class work helped maintained the quality of student essays. However, due to numerous school events that interrupted our class, preparation time for the exam was running out. With my supervising teacher’s permission, I conducted an emailing conference time in the final days of before the exam to provide feedback on student draft essays.

This is a protected screenshot of my learning conference with one of my students. Evidently, these emails were exchanged on the same date within a tight time frame for our online feedback conference. Vivian is a student who I had only completed one quick class learning conference with and at that time her first draft was quite weak and needed lots of editing. To my absolute delight, Vivian scored the highest in the exam essay.


After marking and assessing two classes, I created a thorough feedback document for the essay module. Although this resource was only created for my class, the English department took this feedback and forwarded it to the entire grade.


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