Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy, might very well be my philosophy on life. I believe that all of us were born with a mission to make our communities and/or environments a better place for tomorrow. This is a mission that not everyone accepts, a mission that defined my career choice to become a teacher. With this said, I am incredibly passionate and dedicated to making a positive impact for future generations.

Key beliefs that compose this philosophy are my beliefs in

  • Inclusive, caring, supportive and challenging learning
  • Valuing, challenging and supporting the individual strengths and weaknesses of students
  • Supporting and challenging students through scaffolded and diverse teaching and learning strategies
  • Encouraging students to always try their personal best
  • Academic learning for life skills and preparation for the real world
  • Installing leadership and confidence in students
  • Maintaining a professional approach to life, balanced with humanly qualities of fun, laughter and reflection.

My very own educational experience through my entire schooling life, family, religion and life experiences have grounded these believes deep within my bones. Such beliefs are derived from my own way of life, living by what I teach and believe. To live by these beliefs and philosophy, I hope to be a leading role model to my students as I am certain that by installing these beliefs into practicality, teachers and students are able to recieve an enriching educational experience.

My passion in my own subject areas fills me with motivation to share the wealth of knowledge that I have attained in hopes that my students may also be inspired from education, literature and history. Developing a love for your own subjects also creates an appreciation for other subject areas and life in general. To open a student’s doors of perceptions to the world in which they live in, will ultimately allow them to face challenging decisions intrinsically and externally. It is my hope that by installing my teaching beliefs, that these students will have the strength, wisdom and maturity to be resilient. Should a student reflect on their educational experience in the quarrells of a single life or personal decision beyond the classroom, then a successful positive influence has been achieved by the teacher and/or schooling community which may very well be our imprint for tomorrow’s future.

“If you do not try your best, then you will never know what you can achieve”




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